Quality Control & Research

The Waxpol Industries Ltd. Have an established Quality Assurance Plan and Program based on the norms setup by ISO 9001:2000. The Quality Assurance Plan is an integral part of the system and program for the manufacture and supply of quality goods to the ultimate user. The Quality Management System as practiced in the Company's four production units include responsibility to produce products (both polishes and Lubricants) that meets customers' needs and applicable regulatory requirement. Manufacturing occupies pivotal position in the purview of the Company's management system.

The Quality Assurance Plan covers right from inspection to verification and finally certification of :

All incoming raw materials are inspected for conforming to approve specification for quality and approved for issue to the production department for the manufacturing purpose. Similarly the packaging materials are inspected for conforming to approve specifications In Process Materials - during production stage samples of In Process Materials are drawn and inspected for batch process control as per established quality planned flowchart and corrective actions taken, if required Finished products are inspected and certified before filling and packing

The Quality Control Laboratory at Ranchi and the Field Testing Laboratories attached to the Production units at Raipur and Chennai are fully equipped with all the testing equipment and apparatus to test completely the products as per requirements of relevant specifications.

All the Company's products are designed to meet international standards of quality assurance. There is an 'After Sales Service Department' manned by technically competent persons to deal with any query from customers on technical matters as well as selection and use of Company's wide range of products.

Training of personnel engaged in manufacture of products is an important functional aspects of the Company's Quality Assurance and Control system.


The company has a fully fledged Research and Development Wing where development work in the field of Surface Technology, Polishes, Tribology are constantly undertaken with the sole objective of

Up gradation of existing products to meet the demands of the Customers and challenge of imported products for similar application Development of new products The Research & Development Wing is manned by experienced and qualified Scientific and Technical personnel who keep themselves abreast with the latest state-of-the-art technology and the development taking place in allied industry all over the world.

The Physico-Chemical Test Laboratory is fully equipped with all testing equipments required for complete analysis and evaluation of products in the field of Polishes, Lubricants, Fuel Aids and other specialty products. Test equipments to study behavior pattern and flow characteristics at sub-zero temperatures under static and dynamic conditions are provided.

Apart from physico-chemical testing laboratory, a Performance Testing Laboratory is set up to assess performance of products under simulated service conditions.