Down Memory Lane
Years Glamor polish industries
16.04.1946 Glamor Polish Industries started as Partnership Firm by Mr. Purnanand Garg and Mr. Harish Chandra Agarwal at 8 Southern Avenue, Calcutta.
1946 Factory started at Lake View Road, Calcutta.
1946 Launched the flagship product 'Auto Polish' under the brand name WAXPOL.
1946 Pioneers in the introduction of Carnauba Wax which is 100% naturally derived.
Years The Waxpol Industries Limited
24.11.1950 The Waxpol Industries Limited incorporated at 8 Southern Avenue, Calcutta.
03.05.1951 The Waxpol Industries Limited took over the running Partnership business of GLAMOR POLISH INDUSTRIES along with its Factory at Lake View Road, Calcutta and adopted the brand name WAXPOL.
1951 Exports to Burma and Ceylon started.
1955 Head Office shifted to 82, Stephen House, Dalhousie Square, Calcutta.
1957 Head Office shifted to 9 Mitter House, 71 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Calcutta.
1958 Demise of Co-founder Mr. Harish Chandra Agarwala.
1958 A turning point for Mr. Purnanand Garg, Founder.
1961 Bees Wax Refining Unit established at Ranchi, Bihar.
1962 A new bigger and integrated factory was set up at Tatisilwai, Ranchi, Bihar.
1962 Acquired Metal Packs Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta.
1975 Celebrated 25th year of existence.
1981 Entire manufacturing operations shifted to Factory at Tatisilwai.
1983 Acquired landed properties, plant and machineries from BSFC, Patna, in an auction.
1985 2nd Factory was set up at Butty, Ranchi, Bihar, to manufacture Greases and Oils
1996 3rd Factory was set up at Urla Industrial Area, Raipur, Chattisgarh.
1999 Overseas Branch Office at Yangon, Myanmar opened.
2000 Celebrated 50th year of existence. Exports to Bangladesh.
2002 4th Factory was set up at Vichoor, Tamil Nadu. Exports to Gulf Countries.
2004 Exports to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Cambodia
2006 Exports to Ghana, Indonesia.
2007 Mr. Pravir Garg was elevated as Managing Director.
2008 (April) Mr. Pravir Garg became Co-Chairman & Managing Director.
2008 Demise of Mr. Purnanand Garg, Founder.
2008(Dec) Mr. Pravir Garg succeeds Mr. Purnanand Garg as Chairman & Managing Director.
2008 Hotels and Resorts Division established and Hospitality Division commenced and first Resort was established at Gorumara, North Bengal, under the name and style "The Riverwood Forest Retreats".
2009 Acquired landed property on lease at Pench (Seoni), Madhya Pradesh, for Resort. Exports to Tajikistan.
2010 Marketing Headquarters & Exports Division shifted to Delhi.
2010 Celebrating 60th year of existence.
2012 (March) Setting up of Overseas Branch office at Sharjah Airport Internatinal Free Zone and commencement of business affairs.